We have been in education for the past 40 years in difference countries. The directors of the schools are based in UK and we have a passion for giving a high standard of education for the children in Trivandrum.

Looking for female volunteers for preschools in Trivandrum, Kerala, India for age groups 1 to 5 years old. You will be teaching/assisting the teachers in the activities by participating in reading, dancing, and playing and at time of need taking up teacher role in times of need. Its not too difficult. is it? Our school is very much westernised way of teaching with multimedia, play equipment and games. The school has a 24/7 CCTV security as well as 24/7 wifi so you can also stay connected with the world.

Your accommodation will be one room at the family house next to the school. We provide 3 positions at any given time. So you will be sharing the room with your fellow room mate(Ladies only but couples can be considered)

You will be picked up from the airport and dropped. Local transportation is cheap. You will be provided with food money so you can buy food from restaurants or if you fancy cooking, you can do it and for grocery the local stores are available 3-4 minutes away from the place of stay.

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I have review and checked many ICSE schools in Trivandrum and have found Affra Schools have lived up to the standards they promise.

By: Jasmin Lobo
Nationality: British Indian
Age: 0

British School

The only school in Trivandum which has foreign teachers to help the children with their English language skills.

By: Ruth
Nationality: British
Age: 45

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