What to Pack for London & the UK

What to Pack for London & the UK

From the busting streets of London to Stonehenge, Scottish highlands and the sheer beauty of the Northern Islands to the exquisite beauty of north Wales, the UK has quite a lot to offer to tourists. So much so there is estimated to be more than 40 million visitors this year alone. 

If you are keen to travel to the UK, or are looking to take a short break to an amazing city like London, we have compiled a list of essential things to bring with you on your UK trip.


What Season Will You Be Visiting?

What season you visit will really have a big effect on what you take. Every season is different in the UK so you will need to check if you will arrive in summer, winter, autumn or spring.

Summer is generally the most popular time of the year to visit London and the UK and due to the warm weather you will need to pack accordingly. Aswell as light clothing you might also want to pack hayfever tablets (due to the high pollen count), sungalsses, a portable fan or air conditioner (perfect for being on the road, hotels, camping or road trips) and a reusable water bottle especially to avoid having to keep buying plastic bottles.

For other seasons more warm clothing is the most recommended thing to remember and you can read more about clothing in the section below. A small umbrella is recommended for all seasons as the UK is notorious for rain whilst you should also pack a small rucksack to carry all your essential items in.

Check out our essential list of things to pack when visiting London and the UK below...


1. Copies of Documents

Make sure you keep a copy of your passport, accommodation reservations, travel insurance and proof of onward travel. You can print out copies and also save online just incase you lost the documents


2. Important Numbers & Addresses

Make a note of all important phone numbers and addresses. For example your accommodation, local hospitals, police and your embassy.


3. Travel Adapter

Take a travel adapter with you so you can use all of your electronic devices. The UK uses a 220v three pin system, which isn’t necessarily a system that is prevalent anywhere else in the world and buying before departing means you can save money rather than buying last minute at the airport.


4. Comfy Trainers

The chances are you will be doing lots of walking so you will need a good comfortable pair of trainers. 


5. Clothes

Let's be honest, the weather in UK is often bad, even in summer. There’s a good chance that no matter which month you visit you will be facing rain on some days. So, don’t think for a second that just because you’re planning on visiting this lovely country in the summer you won’t need to bring some warm clothes with you.

We suggest always having your coat or jacket even for summer. For more off the beaten track destinations outside of London consider bringing a warm coat for some of those colder days and a lighter, windproof jacket if you plan on visiting the countryside or the highlands. For winter you will need a hat, gloves, warm coat and a jumper. For summer you can pack lighter.


6. Electronics

From a smartphone and a tablet to a laptop and an e-reader, we probably don’t need to explain to you how important it can be to have the right gadgets with you as you travel abroad. Aside from the obvious entertainment qualities, be sure to download a London tube map or map of the UK. 


7. Backpack or Suitcase

This one should probably go without saying but the importance of a comfortable, sizable backpack or suitcase cannot be underestimated when it comes to visiting other countries and the United Kingdom is obviously no exception to this rule. The best travel backpack or suitcase is also the one that includes a few additional inserts and compartments where you could store your travel documents and other important miscellaneous items, the safety and security of which should never be compromised.


8. Home Comforts

To avoid getting homesick, and also to have some of your favourite things from your native country pack some snacks or even your pillow just for comfort. 


9. Car / Road Trip Essentials

One of the best ways to experience the highlights of the country is either renting a car, or booking a tour of the UK. Thousands of people choose to rent a car in order to travel from one destination to another as trains are very expensive. Be sure to buy comprehensive travel insurance and remember to pack your drivers license.


10. Entertainment

We recommend keeping in mind to take entertainment, especially if you’re planning on doing lots of

travelling with kids. From puzzles and board games to a set of DVDs and portable game consoles, anything that will keep your kids entertained throughout should be high on your list.

If you will be visiting the UK and spending a lot of time in a car, it makes sense to bring a few things with you that will make the time spent in there a bit more enjoyable


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