10 Must-Haves if You Are Traveling With a Pet

10 Must-Haves if You Are Traveling With a Pet

So you are planning a trip and you want to take your pet. It fairly easy to remember important things to pack for you, like clothes, your toothbrush and essentials like your phone and chargers. But what should you take for your pet especially if you are travelling abroad? 

Check out our list of accessories and things to buy and take which should make your trip with your pet easier and more enjoyable.


1. A Harness, Leash & Carrier

When in transit, or once in your destination its important to have a harness or leash so you can keep your pet close at all times. Depending on the size of your pet you might also want to buy a special carrier, this is especially true for long road trips or air travel. The fact is that many animals experience stress but if they are safe and secure in a carrier they might be more relaxed. You could also buy a comfy mat.


2. Food

Travel, or change of normal routines can be stressful for animals so it's important to give your cat or dog their usual food and normal times. A long flight has a particularly negative effect on the nervous system.

Pets need a stable diet regardless of your travel itinerary and you should pack enough food for the duration of your trip, or you might want to research some great pet food options for when travelling.

You could consult your veterinarian and check to see what are the best brands who offer specific food and snacks for trips. You can also research online, for example, search for top rated dog foods or read about top rated cat foods reviews

This will help to provide some tips for what foods are recommended, some will even be great to help your pet calm down and relax a little during a trip.


3. Identification

Don't forget that ID tags are very important for finding your animal just incase they happen to get lost or run away. Remember to include key information like your phone number and address whilst abroad. This way if you do happen to lose your pet, the chances are you will be able to be reunited with them again soon.


4. Vaccination Records

If you are traveling between different countries, you may not need to bring your pet's documents with you. But a trip to another country requires a pet's rabies certificate. You will also need an animal passport if you are going to visit most European and Asian countries. This is because your pet must have vaccinations and appropriate treatment in case of illness.

Having these documents up to date will help you board your flight faster. But for some destinations and airlines, an animal passport may not be enough. Most likely, you will have to go to the veterinarian and get an official opinion on your dog's health. You should do this no earlier than 10 days before the planned flight.


5. Medications & First Aid Kit

Long journeys can be a source of excitement or anxiety for your pet and before departing you might want to discuss the use of sedatives with your veterinarian. It is also important that you always have an animal first aid kit with you. 

If your pet needs to take any specific medication, then you will need to make sure you have enough supplies for the duration of your trip especially as you may not find the drugs you are looking for in another state or country. 


6. Pet Bowls & Water

It’s really important to always have handy your pet’s food bowl and fresh bottles water available. Pets get hungry all the time, and if you don't have a bowl then for them to eat and drink can become more challenging.


7. Doggie Bags / Litter Tray

Be sure to carry doggie bags, or something to pick up poop. You never know when your pet could potentially go.


8. Toys

It's important to keep your pet entertained, so pack some fun toys to keep them interested and happy.


9. Extras

Try to consider your destination and what you will be doing. For example, heading to a beach or off the beaten track? You might want to bring towels or pet coats depending on the weather. Wetwipes might also help.


10. Toiletries

Just incase you need to wash your pet, or brush their teeth, make sure you pack a travel bag with some important items like a brush. toothbrush and shampoo.


Hopefully our list of essential things to take when traveling with your pet has given you some ideas and will help to get you prepared. Let us know in the comments section below if we missed anything.