Top Places to Visit for Nature and Wildlife Lovers in Sydney

Top Places to Visit for Nature and Wildlife Lovers in Sydney

Sydney is located in New South Wales (NSW) and is an area of Australia located on the East coast of the country. The chances are you will fly into New South Wales when you arrive in this country and if you have a passion for nature and wildlife we have some great suggestions for places to visit.


General Suggestions

If you enjoy getting close to the water, you need to visit Sydney Harbour. This entire area is filled with a history of its own that you can learn about while taking a ferry ride through the water to one of the many harbour islands. You can also walk along the shore and investigate the many nooks and crannies that nature has provided for you to explore. There are natural treasures here to be discovered, as long as you don’t mind getting out on foot and taking a look. Bondi Beach is located in Sydney Harbour and it is one of the most well-known beaches in the World. In between searching saltwater rock pools and playing in the warm water, you can enjoy lunch at an espresso bar before continuing your exploration.

Water sports are very popular for those staying in Sydney, you can take the opportunity to try something you have never done before if you're staying in the city. You can learn how to surf, how to scuba dive or snorkel or even learn how to sail a yacht or catamaran. If you prefer to see the water from above, there are seaplane excursions every day that you can indulge in. Looking for something to do with your significant other? Take out a paddle boat along one of the rivers that lead into the harbour and see the pelicans and kookaburras that line the shore. Nature lovers will enjoy the wide range of activities that the city offers. Families can picnic in a park, get involved in a game of cricket, take a walk through the historic district, take a bicycle ride through a park or even go on a bushwalk in the rugged terrain outside the city. No matter what you decide to do, there is something for people of all ages.


Beaches & National Parks

Home to Bondi Beach, Sydney has been labelled with a somewhat unfair tag of ‘superficial’. A huge amount of this is borne out of the bleached-blond hair and huge sunglasses that seem to be everywhere you go. In a place this sunny, of course, needs must. Bondi Beach is the name of the surrounding suburb in Sydney and has an almost mecca-like status for surfers around the World who want to ride its waves. Having the sprawling sand so close to a busy city is an experience totally alien to most Europeans. But if the beaches are too much to take then there are plenty of national parks to take in the outside at a far more leisurely pace.

Like most of Australia, Sydney is big on sport. The legacy of the 2000 Olympics is still there for all to see, while the country also hosted the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final. For holidaymakers and locals alike, you’re not doing much if you’re not participating in some sort of sporting activity. The parks and beaches mentioned above mean that walking, hiking and horse riding are nearly as popular as the water sports and swimming that take place at the beach. Of course, outdoor pursuits are not the only thing you can enjoy while visiting Sydney view some more of our recommendations below. 


Nature and Wildlife Tourist Sights in Sydney

There are lots of places you or your family could visit if you love wildlife or getting out to see the great outdoors and we have put together some useful information and recommendations. Nature lovers can easily find plenty to do in the Royal National Park or in the Blue Mountains that are just outside of Sydney. These areas are rugged, perfect for hiking, taking in the endemic fauna of Australia and setting out on a bushwalk. Camping is enjoyed here by everyone and it gives you the wonderful opportunity to see the wetlands, eucalyptus forests and rainforests of the country, all without leaving the sandstone gorges just outside of Sydney.

Families who are holidaying in Sydney will love the wide range of wildlife that they will be seeing in the city. Children of all ages love to visit zoos and aquariums and there are many in Sydney to choose from. Each of these attractions offers something different, from native animals to species from around the World. Plus, if you are in the city during the annual whale migration in June, you will spot the whales off of the coast as they pass by on their way to their winter grounds.


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