Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in 2019

Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in 2019

Do you love to travel? Are you thinking about taking a gap year next year? Considering what to do? Don't waste the experience by doing nothing, instead plan ahead and book the most amazing experience of your life. We have put together some top suggestions for things to do on a gap year in 2019, hopefully this will give you inspiration and give you ideas for what to do on your perfect break away.


1. Work Abroad

Apply to Spend a Gap Year Working Abroad

We find most people want to earn money whilst abroad, just traveling can be expensive and we have some fantastic work and travel programs. You could apply to work at a summer camp in the USA which is one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world, there are also winter jobs in Canada at spectacular resorts in the Rockies! These programs allow you to travel and see amazing places like Nigara Falls. There are working holiday jobs in Australia which provide plenty of time to be a tourist and see more of the country. In Europe you could apply to work in France as a teacher, nanny or au-pair in a city like Paris or even travel further and gain experience on an internship abroad. Other opportunities including applying for to work abroad in New Zealand.


2. Give Back and Volunteer Abroad


On our website you can find a large selection of group gap year volunteer opportunities, you could gain experience on a volunteer internship, popular programs include media, journalism, law, human rights and medicine and healthcare. On wildlife volunteer programs you could help elephants in a country like Thailand or India, these are really popular opportunities! If you could like to help people you can find a wide range of gap year community development programs on our website, from helping remote villages in South America to working on volunteer projects in Africa there are lots of trips. Placements start all year round, please apply early to avoid programs filling up.


3. Learn a New Language

On our website we list language schools and lessons where you can live abroad a learn a new language. We highly recommend learning Spanish in Spain, this can be a really fun experience. Brazil is an up and coming destination, on our website you could apply to become a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro or learn Portuguese in Brazil! Some of our programs also incorporate language lessons as part of the price you pay, you might like to study Spanish in South America and then travel afterwards.


4. Teach Abroad

Teach Abroad

You could take a TEFL course and spend your gap year teaching abroad, you can find paid and voluntary opportunities. A lot of people choose to take a TEFL course in the UK and then apply for teaching jobs in Asia, although there are vacancies all around the world. Thousands of people embark on this adventure every year, it might even turn into a long term career.


5. Learn to Scuba Dive

If you like adventure you might want to travel to an exotic destination like the Caribbean and learn to scuba dive in Honduras - the Bay Islands is highly recommended. Diving really is one of the most amazing things you can do in the world, and there are centres located in most countries. You might like to view our scuba diving courses in Thailand - the islands are a spectacular place to base yourself and get qualified.


6. Explore

One World 365 features tour operators and overland small group trips, you can search our adventure tours and see all the amazing options available. If you love wildlife you might want to take a safari on a gap year in Africa, not much compares getting up close to exotic wildlife like elephants, lions and tigers. Popular South America tours and trips include joining a trek up to Maccu Picchu in Peru, this is one of the worlds best trips! 


7. Go Sailing

Choose from:


Hot Destinations

Our top 5 countries to visit next year include:


These are just a few of the ideas and destinations available, please view our website for a full list of our gap year travel opportunities around the world. On our website you can find amazing gap year travel opportunities including gaining work experience by working abroad, spending time helping others by volunteering abroad to just traveling and seeing more of the world!  You can also e-mail us for advice.