Top 5 Places You Should Visit in Italy

Top 5 Places You Should Visit in Italy

Alice Beatty spent her gap year of 2015 traveling to several different places that she had always dreamed of visiting. One place in particular completely blew her away... Italy. Here she shares her highlights and lists the places you should add to your Italy itinerary...

I’ve always had an image of what Italy would be like in my head, but when I stepped off the plane in early august and was hit with the sizzling heat of the mid morning sun, I knew it was going to be even more amazing than I thought. Over my time in the wonderful country I was able to visit several different places, and here I have finalised them down to the best five!



1. Capri

A small island based off the gulf of Naples, a place you simply must go if you wish to see Italy in all its fashionable, luxurious beauty. After just a short boat ride from the Sorrento harbour, you will soon see a vision of wild mountain greenery and vivid purple flowers as you step out to the cobblestone path. I recommend then taking either a rented scooter (there’s never a shortage in Italy!) or grabbing a ride in a minibus to the very top of the island to the town of Anacapri as the sights are truly breathtaking and will be something you’ll never forget. After walking through the hills strewn with flowers and grape vines, the little town takes you pass old churches, cute patisseries and shops selling handmade souvenirs. Then you can head back down to the main town Capri, where there are streets full of designer shops and handfuls of beautiful restaurants that overlook the harbour.



2. Pompeii 

When in Italy you cannot help but appreciate all the history the country has preserved over the centuries. One place that showcases this better than any others would be of course, the ancient Roman town of Pompeii. Destroyed by the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD, the town has become an iconic place to visit to see the full extent of powerful natural disasters, as the town has been preserved for over 2000 years. It really is an incredible sight to see, as you truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time.



3. Sorrento

This is where we spent most of our time, as it is the perfect location in order to reach so many sights, as just a short train ride away are Pompeii, Naples and Rome. Sorrento has amazing sea views that look out to Vesuvius and Capri, and the beach is perfect for a day in the sun. The town centre has a variety of outdoor restaurants from authentic Italian to small burger joints and you will eat so much Gelato as there is just so much choice of amazing flavours and combinations! Sorrento also has many historical sights, particularly the Chiesa di San Francesco and the haunting Valley of the mills. 



4. Rome

Yes, this is an obvious one, but when in Italy you’ve got to see its capital! Be careful though, if you go mid summer it will be very hot and humid, but none the less an incredible experience! My highlights were the Coliseum, the Vatican and the Trevi fountains as they were all so beautiful and awe-inspiring, as you know what they say, everything’s bigger in Rome. I could hardly take in the size of all the magnificent structures. It’s a huge city – just remember to drink loads of water as you’ll be walking all day!



5. Venice 

Ah, Venice. A beautifully relaxing place that everyone has on their bucket list as a place they have to see. It really is a magical, romantic place although very expensive, but trust me every penny will worth it! It’s the sort of place where you can’t actually be bothered to so anything, as you’re completely distracted by the stunning architecture and canals that you can want to wander around in the sun all day. 


By Alice Beatty

Follow Alice on Twitter or check out her blog.



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