10 Adventures To Do Before You Die

10 Adventures To Do Before You Die

There really are thousands of amazing trips worldwide and so many places you should add to a bucket list. To ignite your wanderlust we have put together a selection of our 10 favorite adventures around the world.  


1. Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru 

No trip to South America is complete without seeing the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. There are lots of treks and tours to Machu Picchu where you can climb the Inca Trail to the summit, some last 3 days but others are over a week in duration. This is the ultimate adventure!



2. Explore New Zealand

New Zealand Scenery

Not many places in the world compare to New Zealand - this country is probably the adventure capital of the world and it is hard to just name one adventure activity as a highlight. From throwing yourself out of a plane, skiing / snowboarding some of the best slopes in the world, flying down a river on a speed boat to dropping from some of the highest bungee jumps on the planet.


3. Walk the Great Wall, China 

Great Wall of China

Travel to Beijing and walk the Great Wall. Don't just visit this tourist section and get a photo, challenge yourself and join a tour to walk, climb and trek one of the most spectacular human made creations in the world. There are day trips and longer options including charity challenges. Please don't think this is as easy as it sounds.


4. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

A trip for the adventurous, scale the highest peak on the African continent and see spectacular views across for miles around. Booking a Mount Kilimanjaro tour should be on the bucket list for any adventure traveler!


5. Ride a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon, USA 

Get awestruck by the largest canyon in the world, the sheer scale of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter trip is breathtaking. This is not for the feint hearted but this experience will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.


6. See the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia has so many adventure activities available including going on an overland trip in the Outback to see Ayers Rock, but one of the world highlights has to be seeing the Great Barrier Reef. There are plently of ways to see the world's largest coral reef, you could join a glass botton boat tour, go swimming, snorkelling or even learn to scuba dive. Expect to see amazing marine life, and occasionally the odd shark.



7. Get Close to the Iguazu Falls

Foz Do Iguazu from the air

The most spectacular waterfalls in the world which are twice as wide and taller than Niagara Falls! The journey getting to the Iguazu Falls can be long but its well worth it.



8. Go Diving with Sharks in South Africa


On the Southern coast of South Africa there are excursions to go diving with sharks! You can get close the magnificent great white sharks in a safe cage environment. Diving with sharks in South Africa is not for the feint hearted but very safe and a once in a lifetime experience. There are also conservation projects available where you can monitor and work to help these creatures.



9. Climb a Volcano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Volcano

There are currently 6 active volcanoes in Costa Rica and a further 61 which are dormant. You can join guided tours to get close to the peaks and see hot lava flowing. This is thrilling! You will also get to discover more of Costa Rica which is a really spectacular country in terms of biodiversity and landscapes.


10. Motorbike the Coast of Vietnam 

Vietnam is one of the hottest destinations in the world right now and local / international travel operators have started bike tours where you can travel up or down the spectacular coast.


If you need inspiration for your next break away we have put some suggested links above but you might also like to search our featured travel destinations or view our small group adventure tours.