6 Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Cheaper

6 Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Cheaper

The travel bug you have within you need not be denied for long. With a well planned trip and some budget hacks, a vacation to a destination of your choice can be easily undertaken on the cheap. Worried about how you could do more on a limited budget?

Perhaps you just need to look at the right things to carry, good places to stay and the perfect places to go to. All that you need is a good well thought out vacation - and it all depends on how you plan it right. We will take a look at how you can make the best of your vacation, with these simple and easy budgeting tips.

Read about 5 such travel tips to have an incredible vacation within a tight budget.


1. Budget Before You Travel

Before your travel, you should know exactly how much spending you can afford. This will not upset your regular payments towards bills, mortgages, credit cards and the like. Properly planning your finances will ensure that you do not overspend during the vacation.


2. Choose Your Destination Carefully

Take into account flight cost and also how expensive the cost of living/activities are. You could choose a country closer to home which will make flights cheaper or visit a country where food and sightseeing is cheap.


3. Go in the Off Season

Off season trips allow you to get better discount options at hotels and offer you a crowd free opportunity to explore the destination. Typically, travelling during the season, like the summer breaks or long weekends means that you will have to pay more for airfare and sightseeing.

Similarly Christmas and thanksgiving holidays are also rife with bucked up rates everywhere. Additionally, off season travelling allows you to plan better and you can take advantage of advance booking rates for flights and accommodations, which are generally lower than usual.


4. Plan a Shorter Break

Shorter trips are more easy on the pocket. Also, taking a holiday to a destination that is closer to home means that you do away with expensive airfare and make a road trip out of the event. Train rides are convenient too. 

Making short trips helps you to priorities your itinerary and you can easily do all the stuff you want to do, without taking weeks out of your schedule or thousands out of your savings.


5. Take Advantage of Deals

Travel deals can go a long way in saving time and money set aside for a holiday. Sales and combination packages on airline tickets, accommodation offers and much more are good options to help stay within the vacation budget. This, however, will require you to be a little flexible with your dates.


6. Travel with a Group

Group travel and tours can be good options if you are looking for additional discounts. Some hotels can offer up to 15% off on accommodation when catering to large groups. Group travels typically start with minimum 10 people and some organizer’s customize groups to suit customer needs, like family groups, all- women groups and the like.


It's time to play it smart. Plan your vacation early. And plan it with the right tools. Go online to book hotels and flights. It will help you save more. With these travel hacks, you will certainly stay within the vacation budget, and might even save some. Happy tripping!


By Janet E Johnson