10 Tips to Make Studying Abroad More Successful

10 Tips to Make Studying Abroad More Successful

Solid academic skills are essential when it comes to studying abroad. But there are also lots of others things to consider to enahcen your experience and make sure you pass your exams and assignments.

Check out our guide how to make the most of your study abroad trip.


1. Destinations & Courses

Decide where to study abroad and what course to take carefully. This can have a real impact on your studies and grades, for example, if you move to a country where you feel comfortable and enjoy your course the chances are you will really maximize your chance of success.


2. Improve Your Writing Skills

Students have to face a gat variety of learning complications. Many of them are related to one of the major skills. For example, many students have weak writing skills and it spoils their record. They may be wise in a lab, create outstanding presentations and speeches, but poorly written essays deprive them of important grades. Therefore, youngsters ought to find and try various learning methods. A good essay example may help you to understand how to complete this or that essay type. However, it’s only one of multiple methods.


3. Learn From Others

The cleverest students always learn from successful writers. John Tolkien, Joan Rowling, Stephen King, etc., are only a few out of the numerous writers whose style has made literature better. You should take advantage and learn some unique phrases, writing tips, and techniques used by famous authors. When you read their novels, take notes about various features. Pay attention to:

  • Style;
  • Word choice;
  • Literary means;
  • Logical connections;
  • Transitions;
  • Attention grabbers, etc.

Afterward, try to use those notes. Write essays and add a few tips noticed in the works of famous authors. See how they work for you to define which ones are the best.


4. Utilise the Internet

The all-mighty Internet is a unique source of knowledge that cannot be bypassed! You can find anything you want over there. All that is needed is to use the right keywords and quite you will enjoy various sources of information to your liking.

For example, you may specify something like – how to improve writing skills or how to write a reflection essay. Your browser will provide the most relevant results. Read them, take notes, and use smart tips to handle your writing issue successfully. Mind that the Internet can provide various possibilities to boost academic writing skills. These are:

  • Learning programs and courses;
  • Educational websites and non-profit organizations;
  • Student communities and forums;
  • Educational events – workshops, lessons, webinars, etc.;
  • Learning literature – guides, tutorials, manuals, etc.


5. Study and Practice Everyday

You should try to study every day, even if just a little. This statement didn’t tell you something new and special. Nevertheless, many students never follow it and write from time to time. In most cases, they write when they are assigned an assignment. However, it is never enough!

Let’s check the analogy with workouts in the gym. The athletes want to have strong bodies with big muscles that can endure long and a lot. Our muscles cannot grow if you train them sometimes. They need regular workouts to steadily become bigger and stronger. The same goes for academic writing skills.

You know how to write, but it won’t help to write flawless texts without regular practice. There are many writing techniques that can boost your skills. If you don’t try them all, you’ll never know which one works better for you. Besides, you are supposed to expand your active vocabulary when you write to make texts more vivid and interesting to read.

Establish a habit of writing for at least 2-3 hours daily. Always change the essay type and cover various topics. It helps to quickly boost your competence in various directions.


6. Try Free-Writing

One of the best writing techniques all students should practice is free-writing. It’s a pretty simple technique, which is popular and effective. The main principle is easy to follow. Set a timer for about 15 minutes, choose a topic, and don’t stop writing until the time runs out.

Ideally, your text is logically built. It has the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The theory is proved by good examples, the structure is logical and readable. If something is wrong, take another 15 minutes and rewrite it. Cover a new topic every day to compile your experience and sharpen your skills.


7. Use Learning Apps

Technology can be a powerful tool if you use it correctly. You can use various learning apps that will boost your writing skills, as well as some others. You may use:

  • Grammar checkers and editors to check grammar and improve it;
  • Topic generators to create relevant ideas;
  • Plagiarism checkers to detect and eliminate non-unique content;
  • Citation generators to insert quotes and references correctly.

The choices are unlimited!


8. Find a Perfect Place to Study

It’s of enormous importance to find a good place to learn. No matter how enthusiastic you may be, an unquiet place will not help to develop academic writing skills faster. You need a special atmosphere.

It’s hard to concentrate on learning when too many noises and noisy people surround you. If you’re at home, you may ask your parents and siblings to stay quiet. However, students who live in dorms may not be so lucky. We recommend learning in libraries, cafes, and suchlike places. Make sure they are quiet and no one will disturb you.

Make learning your daily habit. Thus, you will quickly get used to doing your academic tasks without reminders and encouragement. There will be no procrastination, you will focus on writing skills, and will succeed.


9. Be Open Minded

Studying abroad is as much about the experience as well as the studying and try to integrate into clubs, be open minded, social and try to learn from local people and the culture. The more open you are to new experiences the more likely it is you will enjoy the experience.


10. Travel

One of the main benefits of studying abroad is the chance to travel and discover new places. Make the most of your time overseas and travel as possible.


Follow the tips we have highlighted in our blog post which are universal and very effective in having a positive study abroad experience. You should be able to rapidly boost your academic prospects and also enjoy a really life changing experience.