A Guide to Getting Married in Greece

A Guide to Getting Married in Greece

Romantic weather, spectacularly beautiful beaches and islands; incredibly glorious culture, great value and world class facilities. We are talking about Greece. What could be a better wedding destination for foreigners on this planet than Greece? 

This country is a dream destination for anybody for any purpose. It has always been a favorite of tourists from all over the word. This is because of the magical beauty of this historical country. On top of it, Greece is the home of world’s famous cities. These cities are a perfect mix of modern era and ancient civilizations.

The traces of the unique and extraordinary Greek civilization still stand proud of their glory. Moreover there are firms which provide you the facility to do the necessary arrangement to make your wedding an unforgettable experience in Greece. View information on how to get married in Greece including the best destinations, requirements, formalities and what to expect.


Choosing a Date & Language Requirements

Greece marriage for foreigners

You can choose your location for the wedding ceremony and the time of the day. You also have the option to choose the kind of wedding ceremony you want to have according to your own culture. The agencies which deal in this business have all the options in their store. Generally the ceremonies take place in either English or Greek language but there are other language priests and translators available too for the convenience of the visitors.


Best Places to Get Married in Greece

Santorini is the most favored location for people looking to have a civil destination wedding in Greece. Indeed a wedding in santorini is something you will never forget in your life. It is an amazingly beautiful and most magical island in Greece and offers spectacular and breathtaking locations for a wedding ceremony.

Gorgeous whitewashed houses, chapel and churches; the crimson sunset in the lap of deep blue Aegean Sea and the whispering breeze creates an unimaginably romantic weather. This particular island is basically famous for its natural beauty and the landscape views it provides to the visitors. The awesome Caldara view is another aspect of this island which makes it popular among the visitors coming for civil destination wedding in Greece.

Other places for an enjoyable and memorable civil destination wedding in Greece include Crete Island, Zekynthos, Rhodes island etc. There are various other islands like santorini in Greece which are no less beautiful and provide the same kind of exhilarating experience to anybody looking for a civil destination wedding in Greece.

Moreover the capital city of Athens is also a favorable choice of people for this purpose. Athens is popular for its ancient roots and modern cosmopolitan culture. The architectural beauty of this city along with the luxury that this city reflects in it can leave you mesmerized. You can choose Athens as your destination for your wedding and experience the heritage of Greece.

Choosing Athens for a civil destination wedding in Greece may not provide you with the beauty of island and seaside landscapes but it surely will give you the luxury and facilities of a modern city. Those who are attracted towards enjoying a city life can opt for it. There are numerous luxury resorts and hotels available for the accommodation and town halls and churches for the ceremony.


Formalities and Documentation

There are various things that should be kept in mind before heading to Greece for your destination wedding.

The planning for the wedding is the most crucial part. You must start planning the wedding at least 3 months prior to the date of your choice. This is because of the increasing crowd looking for an exceptional wedding in Greece and because verification of documents and legal papers also take time.

It is very necessary that you take a marriage certificate from your home country and then visit Greece for civil destination wedding. This can save you from a lot of troubles that you may face in proving the legality of your marriage. The related documents with apostles should be sent to wedding planners at least 1 month before the planned date. 

All the finalization of location time and type of wedding should be done at least 20 days prior to the arrival. The last minute changes may not be entertained by the planner as it will completely disturb their planning for that period. Since Greece is visited by millions of tourists every year for various purposes, it remains one of the very busy countries in the world and hence you should plan your wedding keeping these things in mind.

Since the temperature in July to September is hot and humid you might want to choose to go there in the months of April, May or October.


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