Recharge Your Batteries with a Detox Break in Spain

Recharge Your Batteries with a Detox Break in Spain

Are you feeling physically sluggish and mentally stuck in a rut? We all get to a point when the pressures of a demanding career can get too much, especially if there are personal or family commitments to be juggled alongside. You’re feeling the rat race and you know it’s time to take a break – but how?


Why Choose Spain

If you’re looking for a weekend break from work that will leave you feeling fresh faced, fit and fabulous, book yourself onto a mini detox break in Spain. Health focused holidays and retreats have soared in popularity over recent years, particularly on the Costa del Sol with the booming rise in Marbella properties - meaning there’s wealth of options out there and something to suit everyone.

Spain, of course, has the advantage of being an excellent and well-established holiday destination with beautiful beaches and a warm climate, even in the winter. It’s a bit more exotic than Brighton, Bournemouth or Blackpool – but not too far to travel for a weekend break.

Spain also just so happens to be home to some of the best spas in the world. Whether your goal is indulgent pampering or actual weight loss, mindfulness and mediation, serious body detoxing or a mental kick start, you will find a wealth of wellness experts offering everything from cutting edge Western technology to ancient Eastern therapies and treatments that promise tangible results and a truly rewarding mini break.


Spain Detox Weekend


So, what benefits can you expect to experience during and after your detox? Here are some of the most compelling ones:

  • By being physically distant from temptations lurking at home – that leftover 6-pack of mince pies or the festive Wensleydale with cranberries still lurking in the fridge – it will be easier to stick to a new health regime.
  • By removing caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, meat, dairy etc from your diet, you give your internal organs and systems a chance to cleanse, rest and reenergise. Clear your body of toxins while enjoying a short holiday!
  • Your external body will thank you too. Clearer eyes will sparkle anew, your skin will feel softer and silkier, while your hair will feel full of bounce with a new shine. A weekend away will be enough time to let the happier, healthier you re-emerge from the doldrums.
  • Many detox holiday destinations offer specialist treatments, equipment and services to enhance the detox process. These can include infrared saunas, colonic hydrotherapy, nutritional advice, sleep clinics and a wealth of activities and exercise classes.
  • Now is also a great time to face your vices. If you’re a smoker or heavy drinker struggling to give up, take this opportunity to kick the habit. You’ll be in a safe environment, with experts who will provide all the support you need to get through the painful first few days.
  • A detox break is good for the mind as well as the body, allowing the time and headspace for that all-important self-love. Many venues include activities such as yoga and meditation that can be extremely beneficial for detoxing the mind.
  • For once, everything is done for you. All you have to do is relax and follow the programme. By abdicating responsibility for just a couple of days, you can relax both physically and mentally and enjoy the fact that you’re doing something healthy and pleasurable.
  • After just a couple of days away, you will return feeling lighter in your body, clearer in your mind and noticeably more energised than before. It’s a holistic holiday to help heal your body, mind and soul.


Book a Break Today

Once you’ve decided that a detox weekend is for you, Spain is an obvious destination. If you’re going to recharge your batteries, where better to do it than in the beautiful Mediterranean surroundings of, say, the Costa del Sol in glorious sunshine? Not only will a detox holiday in the sun help to boost your Vitamin D levels – extremely important in the healing process – it will also give you renewed motivation to go home and be the best you can be.

The Spanish wellbeing market is well developed. There are wellness clinics in the mountains, unique spas built atop healing thermal waters, and of course plenty of plush resorts right on the beach. Enter a universe of calming sensations and feel your worries and tensions ebb away. Work out on the beach, take advantage of holistic treatments and take a couple of days out – just for you.


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