The Most Luxurious & Extravagant Casino Resorts in the World

The Most Luxurious & Extravagant Casino Resorts in the World

Casinos, as most people imagine, are places where the elite squander their earnings without a care in the world. Extravagant, elegant and expensive, casinos have been around forever, entertaining professional gamblers and amateurs alike. And if you think that the best, most luxurious and over-the-top casino resorts are limited to Vegas, then think again.   

Here is a list of the best and most popular casinos around the world where you can gamble away at no deposit charges and get free spins, on your way to the most memorable casino gaming experiences ever. 


1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

The Marina Bay Sands hotel (as seen in the picture above) is one of the most popular and iconic tourist spot in Singapore. The three-towered design is constructed like a deck of cards has the largest infinity swimming pool in the world (150m), an indoor ice rink, a theatre, a museum, a convention hall, and of course, a casino. The complex is peppered with restaurants and stores where you get a glimpse of the local culture and cuisine. 


2. The Venetian Macao, China 

The Venetian Macao China

The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world and the biggest resort building in Asia with almost 3000 hotel rooms. Guests can explore the property on Venetian gondolas, and enjoy the authentic experience. The spacious casino establishments have hundreds of slots and gambling tables along with a sports venue (CotaiArena) which can accommodate 15,000 people. 


3. Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa 

Sun City is South Africa’s premium-grade opulent casino resort that includes four hotels, two golf courses, a Caribbean artificial beach and a casino complex with 800 slot machines. Set smack in the middle of a forest, this oasis of luxury strikes the balance between style and sustenance. And once you have gambled to your heart's content, you can spend your earnings around the city shopping or exploring the wildlife reserves nearby. 


4. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore 

Resort world Sentosa

Resorts World is another casino-themed hotel located in the small island of Sentosa, Singapore that has managed to capture our hearts (and pockets). The establishment includes a water park, a marine life section, Universal Studios theme park, and four hotels in its premises. Not to mention the attractive casino complex that has about 2400 slot machines and other gambling tables. 


5. Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monaco is among the most elite urbane cities in the world, known for its legendary gambling houses and casinos. The 19th-century building refurbished into a lavish resort, the Monte Carlo Casino combines the best of aristocracy and contemporary charm. The beautiful complex looks something out of a James Bond movie. Fun fact, the resort entertains only international guests, locals are banned from the place. 


6. The Grand Lisboa, Macau 

Located in Macau, the Grand Lisboa is one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood. Designed to resemble a bird’s cage, the resort is perched upon the largest LED dome and features over a hundred multicolored lights, illuminating the building. Other than the expensive casino complex and advanced slots spreading across four floors, the hotel also boasts of a swimming pool, a fitness center, and spas. 


7. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas 

Las Vegas

When it comes to casino resorts, excluding the Sin City, Las Vegas would indeed be blasphemous. The Palms Casino Resort is not your regular casino establishment; it is a Barbie-themed hotel which boasts of an equally quirky casino.

The hot Pink suite, in particular, would appear highly innovative and chic to some with its Barbie-themed décor. The room is available as a venue for bachelorette parties. Other rooms are also decorated in different themes including a basketball-themed suite, a DJ-themed suite, and luxurious penthouses. This is one of the most unique and best casinos in Vegas.


8. Desert Cave Hotel, Australia 

Desert Cave hotel, though not as huge and extravagant as other casino complexes around the world has a good reason to be featured on our list. The quirky, unique décor and architecture of the place stands out, immediately catching the visitor’s eye. Also, all the rooms and suites are located underground while the casino, game room and swimming pool are buried under Australia’s Coober Pedy Desert. 


9. Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino, Argentina

The Park Hyatt Hotel in Argentina is another lavish casino resort where gamblers can squander their money and have a good time doing it. The Spanish colonial building and lush gardens are also known for its elite parties, entertaining the rich and elegant. Inside, the casino boasts of a number of slot machines, apart from other casino games. However, one particular game called punto Blanca is a huge hit amongst the locals.  


10. The Ritz-Carlton San Juan Casino, Puerto Rico

The Ritz-Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico sits pretty on a gigantic property of 8 acres, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The casino inside is considered to be among the most luxurious establishments in the world, replete with world-class tables and advanced roulette and blackjack slots. About 300 slots are available for fortune seekers, along with a selection of other arcade games. The resort is steeped in culture and cuisine, giving you the authentic Puerto Rican experience.  


Hopefully our list has made you realise not all the top casinos are in Las Vegas. Sure, the city has its fair share of glamorous gambling houses, but that doesn’t negate the lavish high-end casino hotels that have popped up on international grounds. This holiday season tries your hands at these establishments and appeases lady luck to side with you.