Best Miami Airport Transportation Options

Best Miami Airport Transportation Options

Miami is known as a "Magic City" and is one of the most popular destinations in the USA for native and international tourists. The city's glitz and color, which is inspired by the southern Cuban environment, the weather, beaches, restaurants and clubs all make Miami special.

South Beach and Little Havana are two of the best places to visit although there are amazing things to do throughout the city including lots of contemporary art and entertainment.

Several modern cultural art galleries and museums can be found in Miami and don't skip out on the chance to immerse yourself in the lively nightlife of Latin nightclubs in the Worlds largest Sun and Fun City.

The allure of Miami is visible, the location and the the turquoise waters of Miami Beach, which is located on Biscayne Bay's shore will leave you in love. And even in winter, you can appreciate the beautiful tropical climate.


Ground Transportation from Miami International Airport

Since the Miami metro region is so big and packed, scheduling your airport transportation early may be one of the most critical facets of your trip planning.

You'll want to ensure you pick the correct transportation service for you, especially if you have had a long journey.

Options for airport transport include:

  • Taxis & Ride App
  • Public Transportation
  • Car Rentals

These can alll be booked on arrival or in-advance.


Fort Lauderdale Taxi Transfers

A Miami taxi ride from Miami International Airport to the Fort Lauderdale cruise port takes about an hour. The amount of time it takes to drive there is dictated by how crowded the highways are. On certain days, as many as nine cruise ships leave from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale's official cruise port. 

It may take a long time for the driver to get through security. This is attributed to the port's stringent protection requirements. Consequently, ensure that you have ample time and that a professional driver gives your transportation. This keeps you from missing the ferry, both physically and metaphorically.

When travelers leave, there are still long queues of people waiting for a public affordable taxi. The wait could last up to two hours, which would be unbearable in the scorching heat. As a consequence, it's a smart idea to book a cab or minibus ahead of time such that your takeoff goes as planned and you arrive at your hotel or airport in comfort. 

It’s also possible to merge your cruise ship to airport transportation with a tour if your flight leaves later that day. As a result, you will also see some lovely sights and appreciate the time you have left before your flight.


How to Get to Downtown from Miami Airport & the Cruise Port

There are several options for Miami Airport taxi transfer since it is just around 15 kilometers from the city. You may request a cab from your lodging provider. Alternatively, the Metro Bus/Metrorail is a cost-effective mode of transportation. However, if you want a convenient and cost-effective way to travel to and from the Miami Airport, there is no better alternative than hiring a reliable taxi service.


Twelve Transfers - Our Top Choice

If you are ready to pack your bags for a trip to Miami then consider Twelve Transfers to make your Miami airport transfer as pleasant as possible.

Twelvetransfers operates a Miami Airport taxi service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate flight schedules. You can call them for the best car options for your trip, whether you're traveling alone, with your friends or family, choose between a diverse selection of vehicles, including regular and luxury sedans, minivans, and minibusses. 

It is much more comfortable and easier to travel by vehicle than to get stuck in the public transit system. When you make a reservation with Twelve Transfers, all you have to do is relax in the clean and modern vehicle while our competent driver takes care of the rest. You can also opt for our Miami limo services for a luxury experience.

What to expect from twelve transfers Miami airport taxi

  • Twelve Transfers offers the most professional Miami Airport taxi services available. 
  • A fleet of buses capable of transporting both small and large numbers of up to 50 people. 
  • Both airport pickups provide complimentary flight monitoring as well as meet and greet services. 
  • Parking and waiting time are also free for 30 minutes; we extend it to about 60 minutes for international customers. 
  • Both flights provide free flight monitoring and 30 minutes free passenger wait period. 
  • Twelvetransfers can accommodate any Miami airport taxi requirement you might have, whether you are traveling alone, with friends, relatives, or for company. 
  • We can assist you with any taxi need you might have, whether it's a taxi Miami service, an airport drop-off by taxi from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport, or pickups and drop-offs at any big ferry port in the city.

Miami really is an amazing city to experience, now go enjoy it for yourself.