Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere In The World

Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere In The World

Why plan a visit to another country when you can simply go there and still earn a living? Find out what top 3 jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. 

In the past it was only airlines that could boast phrases like ‘the world is yours,’ knowing that they were speaking to a specific audience – namely those who could afford to travel. But the world is a different place; it’s smaller and a lot more connected thanks by and large to the internet.  

The world wide web has exposed a slew of new ways to make a living.  People are no longer confined to office cubicles or made to commute daily for hours on end. These days a laptop and an internet connection is all you need to earn a living, and this means that there’s really no need to settle anywhere if you don’t want to.  A term that’s recently become part of our lexicon is ‘digital nomad.’    

A digital nomad is anyone who works online without prescribing to a fixed location. If this type of living appeals to you, then here are three jobs you can do while travelling the world.


1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a gig of true freedom.  However,  freedom always comes at a cost and in this case the cost is that you must have a love or passion for writing. If you don’t have any of those two, then you can settle for being really good at it. And if you’re good at something, why do it for free? Freelance writing can be split into two commercial categories: copywriting and content writing. 

The former concerns itself with content produced to sell something. It can be short and punchy or edgy, but there’s always a sales angle. The latter, content writing, is usually for the purposes of blogging or producing content for a website. Website content can often be quite technical in terms of word count and SEO practices. For copywriting you can charge by the hour and for content writing, you can charge per word. 


2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, if done right, can prove to be quite lucrative. Like any job that can yield a decent return, you’ll have to put in the work.  Quite simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of re-directing website traffic to a business and receiving a cut of whatever gets spent by those who came there by way of your marketing endeavours.

To be proficient at affiliate marketing, you need to have a website that’s SEO (search engine optimisation) compliant and a social media presence. These days building a website can achieved with ease, but the real challenge you’ll face is getting website traffic to visit your website to then be re-directed. Once you’ve streamlined your operations, you can look forward to a consistent revenue flow. 


3. Day trading

If there’s one vocation that’s become a lot more widespread and accessible, it’s online trading. Also referred to as day trading, this vocation involves and is not limited to the choice of major trading indices. In addition to indices, you can speculate on commodities like sugar or coffee, as well as stock prices of major corporations like Apple or Microsoft.  

Many online brokers will set you up with a demo account in order to acclimatise you to the trading environment. It needs to be noted that despite potential profits, this is not a job to take lightly and will require discipline, vigilance and a constant thirst for knowledge. Startup capital is minimum and it is advisable to look into automated trading software, especially if you’re a novice. 



Here are some other popular jobs you can do from anywhere:

  • Youtube
  • Blogging
  • Teaching
  • Web / IT