How to Survive Long Car Journeys with Children

How to Survive Long Car Journeys with Children

Many will agree that we are living too fast today. And having a lot of work to do on a daily basis, we don’t always manage to find a lot of time to spend with our families. This is when going on a family trip together takes on a new special value.

What can be better than going abroad or travelling around your home country with your partner and children? 

Almost nothing, right? 

Except for driving very long hours in a car with bored children. While adults can manage long journeys, apart from possible slight discomfort, this task is much more difficult for kids. So, how to survive or make the whole experience easier? The main secret of a successful road trip with your children lies in preparation.

Here are a few useful tips and tricks that may help you make your trip more pleasant.


1. Take Snacks

If it seems you have enough snacks, take more. It is well-known how much children like sweets and eating snacks can help to relieve boredom. We highly recommend packing fruit, snacks, sandwiches and things to break up the journey is always a good idea. You can give your kids one snack at a time and even if they are well behaved give them more as a treat. Such a tactic helps youngsters develop patience and hopefully this will help them. 


2. Entertainment is a Must

How to prevent boredom on car journeys with children

It is definately a good idea to take games, possibly cards, DVDs, puzzles, quizes etc. This is a great way to keep your kids distracted instead of them sitting and looking through the window at the road and cars passing by getting more and more bored. There are so many different games you can play in a car, and your options will depend on the time you are travelling and also your child’s interests. You might also want to take audiobooks which are interactive or even things where you can have a discussion about. If your kid enjoys drawing, take a drawing book with colorful pencils, it will distract help to distract them and help the time to fly by.


3. Comfort is Essential

Having the opportunity to sit comfortably and change position when you want to is worth a lot while driving long hours. It is always better to make some room inside your car so that your kids can move maximally freely when they want to. Wearing comfortable clothes, taking pillows and setting a manageable temperature inside the car can make the trip more pleasant.

You shouldn’t forget about your comfort as a driver either and also be careful of children easily catching your attending in the mirror when you are driivng. , you wouldn’t like to give them such an option. Without a doubt, sitting in one position for a long time causes discomfort, so having a good stretch and flexing your muscles during your stops can help a lot. Switching places with your partner or turning your car back massager on if you have one, may also help you relieve stress.


4. Be Creative

Playing make up games games with your kids can keep them entertained for a remarkably long time. Offer to play games like “I Spy”, for example, when they need to guess the word that you have picked and give them some small clue.

You can also play a game of associations or simply give your kids a camera and offer them to record the trip. Children enjoy taking pictures, so this might bring some excitement into the journey for them and you.


5. Have Regular Stops

Top tips for travel by car with children

When you are spending a long time in a car, whether with children or not, getting to your destination quicker will rightly become your priority. But it is important to make regular stops to break the journey up and also refresh your body and mind. Whether this be a stop at the side of the road or a service station, it really will help. This might make the journey time longer but it will really help make the whole experience more endurable.


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