How to Add ROMS on Dolphin Emulator

How to Add ROMS on Dolphin Emulator

Do you love to play video games? Who doesn't! And this is one of the best ways to stave off boredom when you travel, there are now so many portable gaming devices, phones and laptops which can help fill your time when travelling the world.

If you love classic games we recommend is downloading Dolphin, a free and open-source video game console emulator for GameCube and Wii that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android. Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator that could successfully run commercial games. 

If you are searching for the most convenient ROMS emulator? Well, the Dolphin ROM emulator is the perfect open-source gaming emulator for you. For years, the Dolphin emulator has dominated the gaming industry due to its simplicity and compatibility with multiple systems. 

The emulator is open-source that enables multiple operating systems such as Mac and Windows to run Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gamecube, and Nintendo Wii U ROMS. The emulator can enhance any game's video, performance, and audio quality, making it the premier emulator of all Dolphin system dolphin systems. you can find more about Dolphin ROMS at

Though the emulator is designed to be easy to use, and that comes with a complicated game setup system, which can be devastating to new users. Fortunately, games can be added easily and quickly in the Dolphin menu once you have downloaded the ROMS on your PC. 


How Does The Dolphin Emulator Operate? 

Like any other game emulator, the Dolphin emulator simulates unique hardware and the operating system of the Dolphin ROMs of Wii U,, and Wii. The emulator then enables the PC to run programs that are intended for complex console systems. Dolphin emulator functions together with the entire files from the ISO file to the game disc. 

Once the game file is loaded, the Dolphin emulator system simulates the game data within the console via the PC. The main advantage of Dolphin is to provide a memorable gaming experience to Gamers by providing a mirror of the original hardware.


Why is the Dolphin Emulator the Best in the Gaming Industry?

Unlike other game emulators, the Dolphin emulator is a sophisticated system that stimulates the games. It simulates every function of the operating hardware, making it more optimal for any ROM installed. The emulator is a high-level open-source that also acts as a platform for both the operating system functions and its software process. 

The above feature makes the Dolphin emulator emulate games on robust systems depending on the game's needs and the individual systems. Dolphin emulators can struggle with low systems to boost them in managing to emulate influential games. However, even though the emulator is sophisticated, the emulator can only run games that are five years old to 20 years.  


How to Download Dolphin Emulator Games

Most game ROMS run well on the Dolphin emulator. However, Gamecube, Wii U, and Wii ROMS run perfectly. Nonetheless, games such as Wii and Wii U are too big to run on ordinary emulators. So, the Dolphin emulator is the only emulator capable of running these games smoothly. The best thing about the Dolphin ROMS emulator is it can run both high-level and low-level ROMS in any console with no problems. 

Unfortunately, due to the many remastering of different games and ROMS, it may be challenging to locate the ISO loads for the remastered games. Most of these games come with legal risks since Gamecube can only allow a certain amount of games installed per system.


To ensure the ROM, you are currently loading, use a verified anti-virus to scan for malware within the files. Some setups contained corrupted files with notorious malware. This malware can not only affect the performance of your Dolphin emulator, but it can also corrupt the license, and you will have to purchase your games again. So be sure to use a strong virus protection software.


How do you add ROMS to the emulator? 

Once the download is complete on your PC, it is time to load it on your Dolphin emulator. However, for these games to load on the emulator, you need to download the games. ISO format. 

Now that you have the. ISO file, create a folder, and store your game inside on your PC drive. Now open the Dolphin menu and locate the folder you created with the. ISO file. Inside the folder, unzip the. ISO file using WinRAR or any other unzipping program. Inside the unzipped files, locate the 'Config’ file and run it. 

Once the setup pops up, select the path (where the files will be stored after installation) and click 'OK' to install. Once the installation is complete, navigate to the dolphin home menu and look for the installed game shortcut. 

You can run any ISO games on the Dolphin Emulator. So, don't hesitate. Just download and enjoy the Dolphin emulator.