Famous Singers Who Also Love to Gamble While on the Road

Famous Singers Who Also Love to Gamble While on the Road

Some of the most famous singers that you know about are also interested in gambling while they travel the world playing shows.

It turns out that they love to do this because they don't have to try that hard anymore to find the casino that they want to play at. They can choose a land-based casino or find one online easily. We want to look at who some of these most famous singers who love to gamble are as we explore the connection between music and gambling. 


1. Scott Ian 

The metal band Anthrax has just one remaining co-founder still around. His name is Scott Ian, and he loves to take a gambling opportunity. He is known to play poker regularly at the popular poker website known as Ultimate Bet. That is where he has racked up some impressive wins over the years. He even participates in the World Series of Poker.

In 2009, Scott Ian got a huge win when he was able to cash out for $200,000 from the World Series of Poker. That required him to outlast a huge number of players to end up in a spot where he could win that kind of money. He is clearly a great artist and a great poker player at the same time. 


2. Nelly 

The two-time Grammy winner and very famous rapper Nelly is another fan of gambling from time to time. He has had such a successful career in music that he has even been able to overlap that into some roles in movies as well. Basically, he continues to find ways to make money and raise his own fame and star power even higher. 

One of the activities that Nelly enjoys doing away from his primary career is discovering online casino games. He is also big into playing poker having taken part in the 2007 World Series of Poker. 


3. Harry Styles

While you hear about famous people who like to gamble, one of the stories that you may notice is about Harry Styles. He is a member of the band "One Direction" and he is also a big time gambler as well. 

Styles enjoys playing some casino games in his free time. He is said to be a big fan of Blackjack in particular. He and friends went to a Las Vegas casino at one point, but Styles was escorted out of the building as he was not at least twenty-one years of age as required by state law at the time. 



4. Macy Gray

This famous American singer also enjoys playing some casino games in her free time. Her favorite games are card and table games such as Blackjack and poker. She is said to have won as much as $28,000 playing Blackjack in a single night recently. That was what she told a reporter in an interview, and it wouldn't be wildly surprising considering the amount of funds she has available to her to play with. The swings in profit or loss that she can take on are a lot larger than what some other people might expect. 


5. Lemmy

The "Motorhead" singer and bass player is a fan of playing casino games. He is known to enjoy both slot machines and card games. Unlike some of the other people on this list, he admits that he does like to play slot machine games as well as card games. Many people in his position tend to prefer card games because there is a great sense of control with these games. That is not the case with Lemmy. He enjoys playing the slot machines as well which are nothing but random luck. Sometimes you just have to give them a shot.


Have you ever tried gambling or visited a casino whilst on your travels? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.