Cities with the Worst Traffic Jams in the World

Cities with the Worst Traffic Jams in the World

If you are looking to travel abroad the idea of spending your trip or holiday stuck in traffic doesn't sound ideal. If you live in a location where traffic isn't such a big problem spare a moment to feel sorry for some of the worlds residents which spend hours every week stuck in traffic.

A new report from the TomTom GPS satalite navigation company has found Moscow has the worst traffic jams in the world. Last year motorists in Moscow were said to have spent over 120 hours stuck in traffic, that's around 5 days of the year! The traffic is so bad that Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev travels by helicopter.


Cities with some of the worst traffic in the world include:


Some destinations with terrible traffic jams include Sao Paulo which often tops the list of the worst place for traffic. In June there were a reported 182 miles of traffic in 522 miles monitored. In the main city a journey of 2km can take over 2 hours! 

In August 2010 people in Beijing, China were reportedly stuck in a 62 mile traffic block which took over 12 days to clear. Some people were said to be stuck for days as there was on average around two miles a day being driven.

In both Sao Paulo and Beijing during commuter rush hours red lights and cars stretch for literally hundreds of miles and there are lots of reasons for the long traffic jams. Both these destinations have high populations, Beijing and Sao Paulo have over 10 million residents for example and a lot of these travel by car so getting stuck in traffic is all part of daily life. High flying business people now commute around Sao Paulo by helicopter which is costly but saves a lot of time, a lot of new office skyscrapers have specially installed helipads on the roofs.

When you travel abroad the chances are you will frustratingly get stuck in traffic even if for a short period. One way you can travel and avoid traffic jams is to visit an island or destination without roads, for example Koh Phi Phi in Thailand and The Perinthian Islands in Malaysia where you can enjoy fresh air car fume free.

The next time you get stuck in traffic, think it could be worse!



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