Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for Families

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for Families

Everyone thinks of Las Vegas as the home of casinos and it would be hard to argue with this assessment, but there is more to the place than that. If you are thinking of going there with your family you will find lots of things to do that are perfectly appropriate for children of different ages – including a visit to the renowned Fremont Street Experience. This combines a pretty spectacular shopping mall with live music from soundstages – making it ideal for both younger children and teenagers.

The Fremont Street experience is certainly one that most families will want to have, but after a while, even the most enthusiastic consumer may want a break from all the hustle and bustle. One way of getting out into the open air, spending some time together and relaxing would be to hire a boat and go out onto Lake Mead. The national park this 100 mile-long lake is set in, is beautifully unspoiled and gives you the chance to undertake an exploration together and see a different side of Vegas. Finally, if you have younger children, checking out the Red Skelton Tribute Show could be the perfect comedy conclusion to the day. They will enjoy the silliness and the content is fine for young kids.

For you on the other hand, a visit to one of those famed casinos might still be something you can squeeze in once the children have hit the hay. If you are staying somewhere like the Bellagio hotel complex then you could even watch the Fountains of Bellagio together as a family, before hitting the tables and slot machines after the children have gone to bed, or if you are stuck on babysitting duty, you could always play at the casino or go watch a show. The Bellagio is just one of the brilliant luxury destinations in Las Vegas, but you will certainly find the game choice there to be the equal of any other establishment in the city, making it worth consideration.


Vegas’ Hidden Secrets

Las Vegas is vast – too much to take in all in one trip – but if your trip is a trip of a lifetime you’re going to want to experience as much of the good stuff as you can. Whether you want to: visit the best casinos, watch the best shows, eat at the best restaurants or find out where’s the best place to go get a drink – there’s many people who are willing to share their experiences and offer you their advice on how to make the most of your trip to ‘The Strip’.


High-Rollers get free stuff

Free rooms, free meals and free show-tickets are just some of the complimentary stuff that gets given to casino players who look like they might lose a small fortune whilst they’re there. However, the real trick is to act like a high-roller even when you’ve no intention of losing more than your trip cost. Whatever you’re willing to lose at the tables, which probably should be a minimum of $500 (remember it is Vegas), take out a marker for ten times that amount. That way you should soon attract the attention of one of the casino hosts who may offer you something as a thank you for your business and to encourage you to keep gambling there.


Cocktails for free

Vegas bars are that keen to keep your custom, they’ll serve you free drinks whenever you’re gambling whether it’s at the $1000 dollar blackjack table or the cheapest slot machine. So, if you’re planning to get drunk, you could save yourself a small fortune. The Wynn is renowned for serving branded tequila and delicious Mojitos. Top-tip: always tip the waitress a dollar a drink, that way she’ll always notice when your glass is nearly empty.


Meet a new circle of friends

Most casinos have a Circle bar and they are a great place to meet like-minded tourists. Most people who visit Vegas love to chat about their experiences and the circle bar is definitely the place to do it. Top of the list are: Venetian’s Oculus, Mandalay’s Eye-Candy and Hard Rock’s Center Bar.


Other little things you shouldn’t miss

  • The NY Strip Steak at Gallagher’s
  • The views from the Paris tower
  • The classic-car collection at Imperial Palace



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