5 Gadgets That Will Make Your Golf Vacation Better

5 Gadgets That Will Make Your Golf Vacation Better

While golfing in and around your hometown is always a great time, nothing quite beats the excitement of being able to take your passion for the sport and fuse it with a vacation.

Golf holidays have long since been a popular vacation theme, allowing people to escape to beautiful destinations, with lovely warm weather even in the dead of winter. 

If you’re gearing up for a golf vacation and you’re looking to take it to the next level of enjoyment, there are some gadgets that could help you better your golf game and make it smoother.

Here are the best gadgets that you should check out.


Improve Your Game Before You Go

Rather than wait to get to your golf vacation destination and then hope for the best in terms of your game, why not work on improving it now? The SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator gives you the ultimate way to learn more about your swing so you can start to make improvements. 

This simulator is great for home use, which means you can get as much practice in as you like before you leave. It’s also the kind of gadget that you can invite your golf buddies over to try, and even have the family give it a shot and let them test their skills with your favorite sport.


Upgrade Your Watch in a Big Way

You're probably familiar with all the smart watches and fitness trackers on the market today, but how about one that is specifically geared towards golfers? The Garmin Approach S20 is meant to act as your in-depth golf assistant, all while doubling as a watch. Features include the AutoShot round analyzer which measures your shot distances, it is able to pair with the Garmin TruSwing sensor, it has CourseView with more than 40,000 courses pre-loaded, plus it tracks your daily activities and notifies you of incoming texts, calls, emails, and alerts.


Light Up the Night with Your Golf Balls

If you plan on doing any late-day golfing where the amount of natural light could affect your ability to locate your ball, then golf balls that light up are a must. Take for example the Night Sports USA Light Up Golf Ball which features an LED light in it. Once you hit the ball, the light is activated and stays lit for eight minutes. This should give you more than enough time to find it.


The Swiss Army Take on a Pocket Tool

As any golfer knows, there are a few tools that are well worth carrying around with you on the course, but when you're traveling, you want to be able to pack as little as possible. That is exactly why the Swiss Army Knife Golftool Pocket Knife makes such perfect sense. It's an all-in-one tool that is sleek and easy to pack, yet provides you with all the necessary tools. Make use of the tee punch, divot repair tool, ball marker, groove cleaner, nail file, toothpick, and even the 2.45" blade.


Cut Out the Glare with High-Quality Shades

If you're going to be hitting the course on those bright sunny days, you need sunglasses that will not only cut out the glare and the bright rays, but also protect your eyes from damage. While there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from, Oakleys have long-since been a favorite with outdoor sports enthusiasts. Take for example the Oakley Flak 2.0 which is a wraparound sport style. They will stay firmly in place, completely protect your eyes with the polarized lenses, and are lightweight so you'll forget you have them on.

So, while you prepare for that upcoming golf vacation, you may want to think about investing in these handy gadgets.