Best Algarve Villa Holidays For Families

Best Algarve Villa Holidays For Families

The Algarve is located in the southernmost region in Portugal and due to it's warm weather and beautiful beaches, it's one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.

There are so many reasons why you should plan a family holiday to the Algarve, this region is spectacular.

The sun, the beaches, coast and family friendly activities make the Algarve one of the best European summer destinations, especially for families. When you’re in this magnificent region, take the opportunity to bond with your family, enjoy, relax, and take a break from your cell phones or social media accounts.

The Algarve is also one of the most affordable places to holiday in Europe, you don't have to break the bank spending thousands as the Algarve has budget-friendly accommodation perfect for couples and families. There are lots of hotels and apartment complexes, but one of the most popular options is to rent a villa. Villas offer privacy, fantastic modern facilities and some even have swimming pools.

If the idea of spending your next break in Portugal appeals to you, here are some of the best places in and around the Algarve to take a perfect family holiday:


1. Praia Da Rocha

Praia Da Rocha is one of the most beautiful resort towns in Algarve. This quaint little town will make you feel so relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle or normal life. Local people are very friendly and there are so many magical places to see. In Praia De Rocha, the locals endeavor to give you fantastic Portuguese hospitality and there are lots of amazing cafes and restaurants here.

Praia Da Rocha is a great destination for families as it isn't too big and the beach is beautiful and one of the main draws of town. There are also lots of places nearby worth checking out too like Praia dos Tres Castelos beach which has dramatic limestone rock formations that stand along the water - perfect for pictures.

As well as lounging at your hotel or villa, you will enjoy exploring the town and for children, there’s a waterpark and a theme park nearby. For teenagers and young adults, there are themed bars and watersports including surfing. There are also a diverse selection of villas and accommodation here so prices are competative.


2. Estói

Estói is a small and tranquil municipality in the Algarve area. Albeit often overlooked vis-a-vis the coastal area in the Algarve, it’s also here that you get to experience some of the friendliest and most hospitable Protuguese locals. If you’re up for a historical trip with your family, this is one of the best towns you can visit—as well as if you need that break from all the white sandy beaches.

One of the most magical places you can visit is the Estói Palace, the grandeur will amaze you. Becasue Estói is lesser known than some of the other destinations on our list, it is also one of the cheapest places to stay. A good place to start your search is through Affinity Villas where you can find lots of cheap places to stay perfect for families. Be sure to also visit the Ria Formosa Natural Park which is stunning and located nearby.


3. Lagos

Lagos is one of the Algarve’s finest holiday destinations and it is easy to see why. The beaches are spectacular! 

Despite its popularity, it’s not as crowded as other places in Portugal, making it a perfect family-friendly destination. There is a picturesque coast, stunning beaches, lots of outdoor activities and tasty local restaurants. The atmopshere and nightlife here is bustling as well.

Be sure to spend a day or more at Ponta De Piedade which offers some of the most stunning views in the whole of the Algarve. Here you can see huge limestone cliffs and pretty hidden beaches.

Ponta De Piedade is also an excellent starting point for other tours and water activities to and from other towns and cities in the Algarve. You could take a day tour on a motorboat from Ponta De Piedade, and bask in the beauty of the emerald seas.

Due to the popularity of Lagos, hotels are expensive and so renting out a villa is a popular choice. Affinity Villas are recommended, whether you're booking for a small group of two or three, up to a maximum of twenty people. There are lots of villas available for types of families which offer great value for money. 


4. Praia Da Luz

Praia Da Luz is popular holiday destination for families in the Algarve, especially for those who are traveling with young children.

Praia Da Luz is a small resort town, making it one of the most peaceful places for you to rent villas in the Algarve region. Originally a fishing village, there are not lots of international resorts and villas.

By staying in Praia Da Luz you will get to experience some of the best Portuguese hospitality and also sample the food at one of the fantastic great value local family restaurants.

In terms of accommodation, you’ve got lots of villas to choose from. Whether it’s going to the countryside through the outskirts, secluded family villas, or luxury villas, there’s places available for the right budget.


5. Villamoura

Villamoura holds some of the best villa options if you wish to be by the beach, with elegance and luxury at that. It’s one of the more modern areas of the Algarve. It also holds some of the best beach areas, hence the demand for exclusivity, privacy, and luxury in the area. 

In the 1980s, Villamoura was a travel destination for the elite and it is still upmarket. Here you can find gourmet restaurants, expensive yachts docked in the marina, golf courses, a marina and also swanky locals.

If price isn’t an issue for you, then Villamoura is somewhere you really should consider staying in Villamoura. For many, the touch of class experienced at Villamoura isn’t one that you can easily get from any other place around Portugal.


6. Salema

Historically, Salema was a small quiet fishing village, but it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Portugal. 

It is easy to see why Salema appeals, it is smaller than other tourist destinations in the Algarve with spectacular sea views, gardens and beaches.

There are lots of affordable villa complexes in this area, making it perfect for families traveling with young children. Salema offers some of the best value for money for summer stays.

If you would like to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine with the best beaches, wine and relaxation and with less crowds, a perfect holiday awaits in Salema.


7. Santa Barbara De Nexe

Santa Barbara is home to one of the most important and most beautiful churches in the Algarve, the Igreja Matriz. If you’re in the area, you shouldn’t miss out on this church. Santa Barbara is also rich in history, wherein temples of late medieval origin and other historical landmarks dominate the area. If you’re a music enthusiast, this is a place to visit as well. The locals are known for its long history of playing and producing accordions, which can be an educational experience for your children. 


If you're looking to plan your next holiday, the Algarve should be top of the list of places to go. Hopefully our list of the best destinations has given you some ideas of where to stay. This region really is one of the best holiday destinations for families in Europe, you won't regret visiting. If you would like to see as much as possible you might like to search Portugal tours.