9 Money-Saving Tips for Your Utah Ski Vacation

9 Money-Saving Tips for Your Utah Ski Vacation

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that it costs a lot to be a ski bum.  Utah is a popular destination for families and ski bums alike, so it’s beneficial for all to glean ways to save on a Utah ski vacation.


1. Know Your Airports

There are several flying and traveling options, yet if you fly into Salt Lake City International, you’ll be skiing and boarding that same day.  The ‘fly and ski’ option (The Park City Quick S.T.A.R.T.) converts a boarding pass into a same-day lift ticket at Deer Valley, Canyons, and Park City. The program is popular with fliers; the airport is 35 minutes from Park City slopes.


2. Choose the Best Airlines

Be picky in choosing which airline accommodates a family of skiers best and watch out for ones charging extra for baggage and transportation.  Some airlines charge an upward of $200 for baggage.  Alternatively, to draw loyal customers, a number of airlines (check Southwest) may waive baggage fees, especially on flights that attract skiers and snowboarders.


3. Go with the Kids

Many skiers ride the slopes from an early age.  At Park City and Canyons, kids (under 6 years of age) ski and snowboard free.  If you’re not sure of which mountain to target, saving money is a powerful point of persuasion.


4. Find Family Value

The Lodges at Deer Valley offer a Family Value Package, which includes a 20% discount on accommodations and adult lift tickets (two per day).  In addition, you’ll get two discounted kids rental vouchers (for kids 12 and under) and two free kids lift tickets per day.  The offer does not run all year long, so check listings for exact dates.


5. Book a Bonus Week

Canyons Resort offers ‘bonus weeks,’ including savings on lodging, lift tickets, and resort activity credits.  Additionally, kids (aged 6-12) ski or snowboard free and get 50% off group lessons.  Conditions of the deal are subject to change, so check the Canyons website for further details.


6. Go Condo and Cook Your Meals

It’s easy to eat lavishly when staying at particular locations packed with restaurant options.  Make it likely you’ll stay in and eat (which is a lot cheaper) by renting a condo.  Search for condo style Park City long term rentals.  Read and download recipes before your trip, making it easy to shop and prepare while on the road and staying in the mountains.


7. Cease the Skiing

Yes, you read that correctly.  Consider stopping for one day.  Rather than spend money on lift tickets and equipment rentals, along with expensive foods and beverages found at the lodge, do other things to entertain your family in the beautiful outdoors.

Go on a hike, go shopping downtown, or ask locals for alternate plans that can take a few hours to an entire day to do.  In addition, the area serves host to several skiing museums.


8. Check Craigslist

Check for unique angles, leveraging sites like Craigslist, and search for people who need temporary tenants or those looking to ‘swap’ vacation itineraries and equipment.  For example, you may be able to stay in a person’s guest suite along with access to their ski equipment for a bulk charge.

Also, depending on how long you’re considering staying in Utah, some home and condo owners require short-term tenants (a month or two).


9. Ask for Deals

Those who ask gain access to a number of vacation deals and savings on rentals and equipment.  There’s no harm in inquiring with a simple question such as, “What can you do to make me choose you over the competition?”  Area vendors know there is little variation regarding provisions of service, so price is a huge buying point.

There are many reasons to visit the Park City, Utah area this winter, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to come out and enjoy your stay.  Be smart, inquisitive, and save more money on your next family vacation.


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