Freelance Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

Freelance Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

Travelling around the world is usually on the wish list of everyone. However, very few can achieve this as much as they would love to.  Usually, money and time are the main limitations. Lack of money is important but, thanks to modern technologies, we now have job options that are flexible enough to allow travel whilst also receiving good earnings at the same time. Maybe you could think that being a flight attendant is one of them, but wouldn’t you prefer to fly to your own schedule rather than your employer's? 

Here are 5 great flexible freelance jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world and get paid:


1. Designer

Designing has creativity in its roots and there’s no way that we can or should avoid this. The more your mind is encouraged and challenged with visual stimuli, the more experiences your mind will have to create from. If your creativity is on fire, then all you need is the occasional fast Wi-Fi connection to video conference your clients to keep them satisfied. If you are lacking experience you might like to view paid IT internships abroad.


2. Developer

Around 11 million professional developers were employed worldwide and, with the arrival of the Cloud and the boom of mobile devices, this number is very likely to increase. For any software development, all you need is knowledge, ideas, and a good internet connection. Therefore, developers have great opportunities for working from home or on the road, as long as your client is secure in the knowledge that they can rely on you meeting deadlines. 


3. Journalist/Copywriter/Blogger

Journalism has a greater quality should the topic derive from your passion. Therefore, travelling to the core place of the topic would very likely fulfil both your work objective and your travel desire. There is currently a huge demand of digital copywriters and bloggers, in particular, with freelance roles available at many leading travel websites if you send your CVs out with examples attached of your work. If you would like to work abroad as a blogger then write for One World 365.


4. Community Manager

As with Journalists, the opportunities for Community Managers are clearly favourable in the current job market; there are over 80 digital communities with more than a million users each. On top of that, Social Media is currently in a boom for any company that is looking for positioning in the market, yet employing someone full-time may be beyond their budgets if they are a smaller business. It’s not difficult to imagine yourself managing community accounts of several companies whilst getting to know the world.


5. Translator

If you truly want to throw yourself into a different culture, then it’s likely that you’ll become fluent at the local language; especially if you have an idea or plan to go travelling in South America or somewhere similar. Living abroad can help you develop your second language, especially if you book a language course which will help perfectly when positioning yourself as a freelance translator either from or into English. You could also take a TEFL certification course and apply for teaching jobs abroad.


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