10 of the Best Experiences in Tokyo

10 of the Best Experiences in Tokyo

Tokyo is a electric city full of history, cultural and technology. After you get a hang of their metro system, you will be able to take advantage of all the city has to offer! Here are 10 things worth experiencing in Tokyo:


1. Walk in Gyoen Park

Tokyo is a great city because there is such a great balance of concrete jungle and real nature. Gyoen Park in Shinjuku has a variety of outdoor gardens including a traditional Japanese garden  It is a must see if you want to get a real feel for bonsai trees and Japanese scenery. Spend a couple hours wondering the grounds and enjoying this park. It is almost as if you are not in one of the biggest cities in the world.


Sushi Restraurant Tokyo

2. Eat Sushi

An obvious one for most, you need to eat sushi while you are in Tokyo. There are an infinite amount of sushi establishments to choose from. Whether you choose a budget friendly conveyer belt to grab a quick bite, a place where you can order on a touch screen and have it zoom out on a track (so cool!) or sit down sushi restaurants that may please the foodie with no price limit, you should experience sushi in Japan.


Sumo Wrestling Tokyo

3. Watch Sumo

If you are fortunate enough to be in Tokyo when there are Sumo competitions going on you should consider adding this experience to your list. The traditions are still very much intact with no jumbo trons, show girls or people in the seats selling snacks. While at a match, you may have the opportunity to meet with a sumo wrestler and try out their staple diet food, Sumo Stew.


Vending Machine Tokyo

4. Order Via Vending Machine

Tokyo is jam packed full of innovative technology. There are vending machines on every corner selling anything you can imagine. Many of the fast food resturants use them for their customers to place their orders and pay before sitting down. With all those people, we don’t blame them for wanting to make things run a little smoother and faster. You may not know exactly what you order, but don't worry, it will most likely be delicious.


Golden Gai

5. Have a Drink in Golden Gai

Golden Gai is a very unique place in the area of Shinjuku. It is made up of 6 alley ways with over 400 teeny tiny bars that fit 4-10 people in them. It is a very fun and unique experience to stop into a few of these bars (often themed) and have a drink (or two!).


Ramen Japan

6. Taste the Ramen

No. I am not talking about Mr. Noodle. With tons of different ways to eat it, you should try Japanese ramen a few times!


Tokyo View

7. Take in a Free View

Considering that Tokyo is an expensive place to visit, finding ways to bring costs down is always a bonus! The government building in Shinjuku has a free viewing floor. The fantastic views are an amazing way to see just how big the city is!


711 Tokyo

8. Explore a 7/11

If you think this is an odd one, you are probably right. You can stop in at the 7/11 for snacks, beers and even meals! Tokyo 7/11’s are amazing. Full of (sometimes strange) meals, sandwiches, desserts at your finger tips. Walk down the aisles for a little insight on what the every day person in Tokyo may eat when stopping in for a quick bite.


Pachiko Tokyo

9. Experience Pachinko

You will see and hear these buildings everywhere. The distinct sounds of bells, whistles and hard little balls dropping into buckets. Pachinko is a very popular game played by many. It has been said that it is not gambling, but people find ways around this and often make money off of the game. You sense will likely be over simulated as you enter the front doors of a Pachinko place.


Takeshita Street

10. Stroll Down Takeshita Street

Love people watching? You could probably do it for hours in Harajuku. Awesome stores to window shop, awesome people to see, awesome food to have. Take a walk down Takeshita street to see for yourself!


By Lisa Welsh


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