Advertising Information

View more information about advertising your company and jobs on One World 365. We offer competative job posting packages and a range of other advertising options. 


Free Listing

Get a company profile on our website which includes information, your logo, pictures, website/application links.

Please note free listing job posts will only be displayed on your company profile and not on our first page of search results. We display featured paid job ads on our search results pages but there is also the option for users to search recruiters. If you would like to increase the interest in your positions you will need to upgrade to our paid advertising packages.

  • Free


Job Posts: 

Get your job(s) promoted on our website. On the job post(s) we give you the option to direct people to the recruitment section on your website or you can have potential applicants send e-mail enquiries or job applications with CV’s/resumes.

By paying to promote job posts on our website the positions will be displayed first on all relevant search results pages and we also promote on our social media pages.

Prices are displayed in GBP but please let us know if you would prefer to pay in Euros, Dollars or other currencies.


1 Month:

  • 1 Job - £35 / $45 / €40
  • 5 Jobs - £55 / $70 / €60
  • 10 Jobs - £75 / $95 / €80
  • Unlimited Jobs - £100 / $125 / €110

3 Months:

  • 1 Job - £55 / $65 / €60
  • 5 Jobs - £75 / $85 / €80
  • 10 Jobs - £125 / $135 / €130
  • Unlimited Jobs - £250 / $275 / €300

6 Months:

  • 1 Job - £75 / $85 / €80
  • 5 Jobs - £95 / $120 / €105
  • 10 Jobs - £150 / $190 / €165
  • Unlimited Jobs - £350 / $400 / €380

12 Months:

  • 1 Job - £100 / $125 / €110
  • 5 Jobs - £150 / $190 / €165
  • 10 Jobs - £250 / $275 / €300
  • Unlimited Jobs - £500 / $600 / €550


Pay Per Application / Enquiry 

We offer a range of pay per lead / click advertising partnerships:

  • Option 1: Commission on Hired Staff - Fixed Fee 
  • Option 2: Pay Per E-mail Application - Fixed Fee 
  • Option 3: Pay Per Click - Fixed Fee 
  • Option 4: Choose both pay per enquiry and pay per click options

Please note we will only charge for relevant applications e-mail enquiries matched by eligibility. Our pay per click/lead advertising option are much much accurate and targeted than sponsored ads on search engines and social networks as before before people click or send an job application they will have read a full role description and requirements. 



Banners are an extremely effective way to get promotion, drive traffic and generating interest in the job(s) you are offering. Banner advertising on our website is ideal for promoting positions, special offers and peripheral services.

We use specific advertising banners for our top header and in the bottom navigation but we can add your targeted banners on our destination and activity pages in a number of slots including below the introduction text, below featured placements and in the main body of text.

We only place relevant banners on relevant pages and we do not sell banners on a rotating basis - this guarantees excellent coverage for all advertisers. We can upload most sizes e.g. 468x70, 728x90, 250x250 and we prefer jpeg and gif format rather than flash. 


  • 3 months: £100 / $150 / €125
  • 6 months: £175 / $250 / €210  
  • 12 months: £250 / $375 / €300


News/Blog Section

We can feature any promotional material and latest offers on our news section which is visible on most of our pages. This is at no extra cost for paying advertisers and you can supply as many as you like. Otherwise we charge £100 / $150 / €125 per promotional article. Please note if you want us to write the article we will charge an extra fee.


Mailing List

We will soon be starting a mailing list, please enquire for more information.


Social Network

Reach a new audience, promote your company/jobs by advertising on our extensive social network with over 350,000 followers. Please note we promote paying advertisers for free on our social media pages. For all other companies:


  • 1 Update: £15 / $25 / €20
  • 2 Updates: £25 / $40 / €35
  • 5 Updates: £55 / $75 / €70  
  • 10 Updates: £100 / $145 / €130
  • 1 Update Per Month (12 months): £125 / $175 / €160

We ask all advertisers to provide the message, link, images and let us know where you would like updates to be displayed. You can choose from either a Facebook or Twitter page. All messages are checked prior to uploading and can provide recommendations and advice. Examples of our pages include:




Top Reasons to Advertise with Us

  • Our advertising rates are highly competitive compared to similar web/non-web based platforms
  • You will get to a member of an established recruitment and travel brand
  • We actively promote companies in print, on forums and social network pages
  • We allow you to add out logo and associate your company with our website
  • For our advertisers we also provide written features and positive reviews on reputable websites 


About Us

  • We work with over 100 international and local recruiters and travel companies worldwide
  • On our website we have one of the largest databases of travel products with over 1,000 jobs, volunteer programs, courses, trips and experiences in 100+ destinations around the globe
  • Our website currently receives around 1,500-2,000 users per day
  • Our primary audience is: 60% United Kingdom, 20% USA. The following countries then make up the top 8 destinations our users come from > Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Ireland and France. We process enquires from all ages groups including solo travellers, friends, couples, groups and also families. We find most people are aged between 17 - 35.



For more information or to sign up to one of our advertising options please e-mail Paul Edwards on


What Happens Next?

  1. If you are interested in advertising please contact us and we will send you a new company sign up form
  2. Once you have completed the online form we will be able to approve the new listing and send you more information on how to get the most out of advertising with us
  3. You will then be able to log back into your account to build your profile, add pictures, images, videos and also start adding the jobs you offer
  4. The jobs will go live on our website - we will be able to provide assistance helping you to make the most out of advertising with us
  5. We will work with you to give you promotion on our news and social network pages putting together promotion material we can use throughout the year 


Companies We Work With

View a selection of the companies we currently promote and recruit for:

PGL Travel Ltd   Intrepid Travel  Australian Working Adventures  Projects Abroad  Oasis Overland i-to-i TEFL Playaway Abroad    Air Pro  International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)  A Broader View Volunteers Corp ESLstarter Travellers Worldwide Frontier Go Abroad China Mark Warner Fronteering BUNACVolunteering Solutions   African Conservation ExperienceReal Gap Gapforce  Twin Work & Volunteer Abroad.Travel  G Adventures Afreco  Conservation Travel Africa  Volunteer.Travel  Gap 360 Lilongwe Wildlife Trust    Stray Travel Work the World  Concordia International Volunteers  Out in Africa Encounters Oyster Worldwide  The Great Projects Ape Action Africa     Budget Volunteering     The Humanity Exchange  Medforce  Turtle Foundation  Camp Leaders  The Leap Overseas Volunteering India  LEAD Adventures South America    Volunteers at Work  ORCA Foundation V2 Volunteer & Vacation iSPiiCE   Live4now   Inspired Escapes P.A.W. Animal Sanctuary Interrail Topdeck Travel  InterExchange  Gapforce China Highlights  Leopard Safaris Busabout  HAGGiS Adventures  Easy Divers - Red Sea Holidays Beijing I-DSWORLD Shamrocker Adventures Urban Adventures  Cycling Croatia  Turismo Flecha ExtremaDaytours4u  Wild Coast Horse Trails      WILD ANGLES  CAMIADVENTURES CIA.LTDA   AWPF Leadership Mini-Gap Programme Contiki Holidays NJ MORE Field Guide College  INTERNeX international exchange    Fée Rêvée 1st Talent Kiani Beach Resort Study Abroad Europe Eurocamp  Rainbow Divers Vietnam International TEFL and TESOL Training   Studio Cambridge  TEFL Time    Amistad Institute Costa Rica Escuela De Idiomas Spanish School Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort  Centro Internacional de Idiomas Secret Compass   The Grand Canyon Tour Company   Madidi-Travel     idex Golden Tours  Southern Comfort - Tours to the South of Russia   Xtreme Gap Year  Med Sailing Holidays  Flavours Holidays      Gi2C Group  The Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd   Exodus Travels   Elements Personnel   Volunteering Journeys   Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort Auersperg Safaris  Massage Beach