Summer, Winter & Year Round Resort Jobs

Each year holiday companies around the world hire staff to work for resorts in Europe and worldwide. Resort staff and holiday reps are required to greet and assist guests while opportunities exist for people to work as instructors across a range of leisure activities including water sports, fitness instructors, scuba-diving instructors, tennis coaches and winter jobs for skiing and snowboard instructors. View our guide to working as a holiday rep and apply today.


Holiday Rep Jobs in Europe

Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

In UK and Europe big holiday companies offering package holidays to resorts hire seasonal staff every year. Those with the right paperwork or a working holiday visa can find work on the spot in numerous destinations with a sizeable tourism presence hospitality jobs, as receptionists, chefs or as casual workers. The pay for jobs at holiday resports tends to be quite low but there can be perks on offer, for example free ski passes, transport accomodation and meals. On resorts the working atmosphere is ideal for outgoing social personalities who like to work hard and play hard,have fun and enjoy helping people have a great holiday or vacation.



Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

Holiday Rep & Resort Jobs in Europe

Some international holiday companies offer jobs for reps, activity leaders, childcare assistants, cooks, campsite couriers and hospitality staff throughout popular summer holiday destinations like Spain and Greece. They offer structured employment packages which can include accommodation, food, uniform, insurance, paid holiday, return flights, discounted holidays for family and friends and contracts with comprehensive rates of pay. To apply you might need some previous customer service or relevant work experience or have some qualifications e.g. GCSE's or a hospitality related course.


Holiday Rep Jobs in Greece

International travel companies hire reps for summer and year round positions where you will be based at a resort in the country. You could work in any of the following areas: aerobics teachers and lifeguards, water sports instructor e.g. windsurfing, dinghy, swimming, waterski, wakeboard and tennis instructors, maintenance, kitchen porter, chef, childcare, health and beauty and management. These positions need to be applied for online well in advance on the time you would like to leave.



Work as a Holiday Rep in Portugal

To work as a holiday rep in Portugal you will need to go through an application process, attend an interview and sign a contract. You will then be assigned a destination which could be any of the tourist resorts in Portugal. Generally on these jobs you will be responsible for making sure tourists enjoy the best time possible making their time in Portugal really enjoyable. You might be picking people up from the airport, providing helpful information, selling activities, creating fun events, liaising with managers and the home office and doing paperwork. These positions can be a lot of fun, you will usually get to spend summer in a spectacular location close to the beach.


Summer Holiday Rep Jobs

Holiday Resort & Rep Jobs in Spain

There are lots of positions with large international holiday providors on coastal regions of Spain and also the islands. For these jobs you will need to apply in advance and go through an interview and selection process usually in your home country. Holiday companies recruit staff for seasonal vacancies for activity leaders, holiday reps, land/water sports instructors, cook assistants, chefs, hospitality staff, nanny's, childcare staff, spa therapists and general assistants. On mainland Spain you can find casual and seasonal positions at camp sites which are run by some of the big UK / European travel companies. A lot of these jobs include free food and accommodation too.

Some previous experience and also a background check will be needed if you are going to work as an a nanny or in childcare. To apply you will need to have lots of energy, be friendly, fun, have good customer service skills and be adaptable. Wages can depend on the position but generally you will have a fixed contract for a long period - perfect if you are looking for a structured job. Sometimes you might be working long hours so be ready for this, this won't be a relaxing holiday as such, you might only get one day off per week but the bonus is you will get to live and work in a spectacular setting.



Holiday Resort Jobs

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