View more information about the issues we care passionatly about and campaign for change. We work with a number of worldwide charities, NGO's and wildlife organisations with the aim of helping to improve responsible tourism which doesn't have a negative effect on the planet, people, wildlife and the enviornment. If you have something you would like us to help promote or raise awareness about please contact us.

You might also like to check out our blog and top tips how to be a responsible tourist.

Volunteering with Lion Cubs in Africa – What I Wish I Had Known!

If you are passionate about the wonderful wildlife that this world has to offer then what could be better than working as a volunteer with the animals...

Why You Should Remove Riding an Elephant from Your Bucket List

So you’re booked and your are ready to go. You’ve drawn up your ‘must see’ list and you can almost feel the heat of the sun on...

Related Opportunities

AUSTRALIA: Wildlife Rehabilitation - Multiple Projects and Hands-On Work!

A varied Wildlife Rehabilitation Project throughout Perth helping many kinds of animals. Locations could include a rehabilitation centre, national park, river, coast, etc.

Work as a Zoo Assistant in Thailand

Support the work of the local staff that are committed to improving the welfare of the animals at a park in Thailand whilst educating the local industry about responsible tourism.

AUSTRALIA: Animal Conservation in a Wildlife Park in Beautiful Bunbury!

Work in a Wildlife Park that has over 60 varieties of Australian native birds and marsupials, located in the beautiful town of Bunbury, just south of Perth.

Bolivia Wildlife Sanctuary

Help look after wildlife rescued from the illegal trafficking trade in Bolivia.

Veterinary Medicine Placements in Tobago

Use your skills to gain international experience in veterinary medicine in the Caribbean.

Monkey Conservation Program, Kenya

We are a conservation organization designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the nationally threatened Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in southern Kenya.

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Placements from £150

Discover, monitor and assess the huge variety of Madagascar's exotic and rare species as you trek through remote regions of this hugely exciting island.

Catering Assistant Jobs in the UK, France, Spain

Your first step into the world of catering...

Tasmanian Devil Care & Release

The Tasmanian Devil Population is at risk and declining quickly! Struggling with a cancerous contagious disease spread through their saliva, Tasmanian Devils being feisty as they are the disease is spreading fast. 

Australia, Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park is a community-based, volunteer-run organisation offering a Native Animal based experience, grounds keeping experience, retail/tourism experience, or a combination to suit your individual requirements.

Refugee Project in Italy

Projects Abroad has partnered with an international NGO and local organisation in southern Italy to help with providing aid to refugees and migrants.

SOUTH AFRICA: Thrilling Great White Shark Project in Stunning Cape Town!

An opportunity to view the Great White Shark in its natural environment. You'll learn about the Great White and then you'll put that knowledge to use by assisting in conservation and research.

Tanzania Whale Sharks & Turtles

Assist in work contributing towards the conservation of the majestic whale shark and beautiful turtle in these crystal clear waters around Mafia island.

Southern Charm: Meet Thailand's Moken Tribe

Deepen your experience of Thailand on this four-day journey to Koh Surin National Park. This undeveloped and protected island sits in the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. 

Volunteer with Amerindians in the Amazon

Volunteer in Guyana: one of the most uninhabited and unspoiled countries in the world, one of the last havens for wildlife and Amerindian communities.





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